To get started first of all sign up to

Using Gmail email account only

Then sign up and verify yourself with ( coinbase has a mobile app available.)

step 1

Open Coinbase app

Select British pound, (see below image) then click DEPOSIT (the reference and bank details will appear)
Now go to your own banking app Send a payment to these details. MAKE SURE YOU INSERT YOUR PERSONAL REFERENCE NUMBER IN CORRECTLY otherwise Coinbase will not know whose account the money will be credited to).

deposit 1
deposit 2
deposit 3

step 2

Once the money appears in your British pound wallet.

Scroll to Bitcoin(orange logo as seen in image)

Click Buy/ Trade Buy the amount need to purchase the amount (CASH FX PACKAGE)

Proceed once Amount showing as Bitcoin.

deposit 5

step 3

Go to Cash Fx

Ready to select you package, choose the Training and academy pack (the left blue tab). Go through the confirmations and input any details.

Then select which package you would like to purchase.

Once it is all confirmed you will find yourself on the payment page(see 2nd image ).

PLEASE make not of the BTC amount (circled in RED)

Now click the COPY ADDRESS(circled in RED)

trading pack

step 4


Select Bitcoin(Circled in RED)

Then select Bitcoin wallet (seen in 2nd image)

deposit 5
bitcoin wallet

step 5

Once into your Bitcoin wallet page.

Click the send icon(circled in RED) in top right hand corner.

2nd image will page will appear. Click the 2 arrows (circled in RED) to change  to BTC(see image 3)

Now please enter the EXACT BTC amount you noted down earlier in STEP 3.

Check twice to make sure EXACT amount is entered.



send bitcoin
deposit btc


Now the select recipient page will appear.

In the circled RED send address box please PASTE the BTC address you copied from STEP 3.

PLEASE make sure these 2 address are the same.


Now head back to Cash FX and wait for 3 confirmations or a confirmation email. This will confirm account has been purchased.

Now wait around 30 minutes for account to be set up and you will be able to access your back office.

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