Step 1

coinbase home screen

Access your Coinbase app and select the Bitcoin option.

Step 2

bitcoin wallet

On this screen select the BTC wallet

Step 3

coinbase withdraw 1

On this screen select the icon at the top (circled in RED)

Step 4

This screen will show your Bitcoin address.Select the COPY button.

Step 5

cash fx main screen

Now access your Cash FX account. From the menu select account(circled in red) and then Bitcoin wallet(circled in white)

Step 6

cash fx bitcoin wallet

Now in your BTC wallet COPY the address from Coinbase earlier into the Bitcoin address(circled in RED). Then insert your Google two step verification code(circled in White)

Then press SAVE.

Step 7

HOW to withdraw btc

All apps, accounts and wallets we use and advise are personally used and are working fine for us. This is only advise you can use any wallet or apps you prefer.